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Gin Primo

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Gin Primo Product of Italy 43% Alcohol 700ml

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Primo Gin is artisanal and does not contain artificial colourings or preservatives and it is made up of 100% natural flavourings. The strong and rich taste lingers in the mouth pleasurably, and persists nicely.

It is a gin of great power and harmonious balance in its aromatic flavours.


The botanicals used in Primo Gin are: lemon verbena, “santolina cenere” and lavender, which are exclusively grown in Romagna, fused with Tuscan juniper. After around 24 Hours of infusion, the whole batch goes through a discontinuous copper still distillation The botanical notes are increased by the peculiar taste of sweet salt from Cervia’s sea, which is added just after the distillation.

Just like in cooking salt enhances the flavour of every dish, Romagna salt lifts the botanicals used in this unique gin. The whole process is checked by Master Distiller Carlo Quagli who makes sure to get a distinctive product.


Nose: classic juniper flavour with light lavender and citrus notes.

Palate: juniper, lavender and citrus notes. “Santolina cenere” enhances juniper with its bitter notes.

All these flavours are enhanced by the light saltiness.

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